Company - Investor Relations
Original technological solutions for development and production of innovative bio-electrochemical chip sensors are the focal point of the tasks of SensLab GmbH:

This approach originates from the background and know-how of its staff and continues in a progressive development that lead to new product attempts within the framework of research projects.

The successfully implemented development, particularly the microfluid based disposable sensors has brought the company to a proficiency level that all the immediate preconditions are fulfilled, to serve the innovative and profitable niche market in human diagnostics.

The POC Diagnostic plays a key role, in clinical diagnostic mark, in the medium term: The world-wide increase of the diseases caused by today's lifestyle, increase in the percentage of old people, higher performance demands and a changed sports and leisure conduct lead to an increasing health care.

On the other hand, there is a growing time and cost pressure on health services: Due to these conflicting trends, there is also a growing need for an economical, fast and easy diagnostic in decentralized health care and in home care sector.

Therefore, SensLab GmbH has set itself the goal, through developing technically outstanding POC measurement systems, to face this challenge.