Biosensoren - Enzymsensoren

EU funded project


Fabrication and Functionalization of BioMedical micro-Devices



Project Reference


Project Duration

01.09.2013 - 31.08.2016


  1. Asociación de Investigación Metalúrgica del Noroeste Porriño (Pontevedra), Spain, (coordinator)
  2. Adama Innovations Ltd., Dublin, Ireland
  3. Applied Functional Materials Ltd. Birmingham, Great Britain
  4. Crospon Ltd. Galway, Ireland
  5. Fraunhofer Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik Chemnitz, Germany
  6. Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica e Gestão Industrial Porto, Portugal
  7. Promolding BV Den Haag, Netherlands
  8. Research Center for Non Destructive Testing GmbH Linz, Austria
  9. SensLab Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung und Herstellung bioelektrochemischer Sensoren mbH Leipzig, Germany
  10. Servizo Galego de Saude Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  11. Twoptics Systems Design, S.L. Barcelona, Spain
  12. Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

Aims / tasks of SensLab

Definition of end users requirements, validation protocols, technical specifications and design of the hot embossing tool insert and mould insert for a selected microfluidic lab on chip system which will be used as demonstrator.

Validation of replication results of functionalized microfluidic geometries on a polymer substrate in combination with an electrochemical-enzymic base sensor.

Characterization and measurements using the surface functionalized microfluidic structures for a sensor based lab on chip application.