Geförderte Projekte - GlykHb

BMBF funded project


Actively driven microfluidic lab on the chip sensor for POC testing of glycated hemoglobin



Project Reference


Project Duration

01.12.2010 bis 31.05.2014


  1. Senslab GmbH Leipzig (Coordinator)
  2. Creavac GmbH, Dresden
  3. Fraunhofer Institut für Elektronische Nanosysteme, Chemnitz
  4. Fraunhofer Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik, Chemnitz
  5. Universität Leipzig, NWG "Weiße Biotechnologie"

Aims / tasks of SensLab

For the lab on the chip sensor with actively transported sample by an integrated EC-Hydrogel (actor-valve) system of the microfluidic arrangement SensLab has to solve the following tasks:

  • Concept of the microfluidic arrangement, basic sensor patterning, and signal processing
  • Optimization of the hemolysis procedure and the corresponding reagent mixture for electrochemical measuring of the total hemoglobin
  • Screening for suitable proteases for cutting glycated petide of the ß chain of Hb
  • Development of a reagent mixture for enzymic-amperometric detection of the glycated peptide
  • Screening of inhibiting compounds for avoiding interferences by the sample
  • Validation of the individual sample treatment – and indicating steps and study of the complete microfluidic sensor system