Geförderte Projekte - CLINICIP

EU funded project


Closed Loop Insulin Infusion in Critically Ill Patients



Project Reference

IST FP6-506965

Project Duration

01.01.2004 – 31.12.2007


  1. Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria (Scientific Coordinator)
  2. B Braun Melsungen, Germany
  3. CARMEDA AB Kanalvägen, Sweden
  4. Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Institute for Applied Physics “Nello Carrara” Roma, Italy
  5. DISETRONIC Medical Systems AG Burgdorf (Roche), Switzerland
  6. GAMBRO Dialysatoren GmbH Co. KG Hechingen, Germany
  7. Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Spektrochemie und angewandten Spektroskopie eV Dortmund, Germany
  8. JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H, Austria
  9. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  10. Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust London, Great Britain
  11. SensLab Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung und Herstellung bioelektrochemischer Sensoren mbH Leipzig, Germany
  12. Technische Universität Graz , Austria
  13. University of Cambridge, Great Britain
  14. Univerzita Karlova Prague, Czech Republic

Aims / tasks of SensLab

Development of long term stable disposable miniaturized glucose- and lactate sensor flow-through cell arrangements for continuous monitoring of glucose and lactate in ISF and diluted blood. Targets for technological implementation are as follows:

  1. Three electrode arrangement for potentiostatic signal processing made by screen printing at polymeric support
  2. GOD/LOD-immobilisation using. poly(carbomoyl) sulfonate as a preferred self-adhesive polyurethane hydrogel matrix and diffusion barriers to improve linearity up to 15 mM (glucose/ lactate)
  3. Application of antifouling- and biocompatible layers
  4. Hot embossed micro-flow through cell with chamber volume of less than 0.3 µl which is insensitive towards micro air bubbles
  5. Sensor validation and long term studies with real matrices and clinical studies base on one calibration per day.