Geförderte Projekte - CLINICIP

EU funded project


Development of single and multi-analyte affinity sensors for rapid detection of androgen residues in live and post-mortem animals



Project Reference


Project Duration

01.12.2001 – 31.05.2005


  1. University College Cork, Ireland (project coordinator)
  2. Cranfield Biotechnology Center, Great Britain
  3. l'Institut de Investigacions Químicas i Ambientals de Barcelona CSIC Barcelona, Spain
  4. Senslab GmbH Leipzig, Germany
  5. Technical University of Munich, Germany
  6. University of Dublin, Ireland
  7. University of Limerick, Ireland

Aims / tasks of SensLab

Hardware development of three-channel potentiostat (hand-held device) for signal processing of a multi amperometric sensor (three working electrodes, one counter electrode, one reference electrode.

Software development for signal processing using fuzzy logic elements, for control of a graphics display and data handling (storage and transfer of the results to a PC)

Screen printing of multichannel sensors