Service - Support
All of our products are made according high quality standards, and controlled continually for best customer satisfaction. If you’re nevertheless facing unexpected results or other problems (not reported in the delivered product information), the attached notes may help to find quick solutions.

If the problem continues, for best support we recommend to send us a completed RMA sheet by mail or fax (0049 +341 234 18 40) with a short description: Our service team will manage your inquiry with priority and reply to you as soon as possible!

The  RMA sheet helps both parties to avoid delays, to ensure warranty cases and to avoid upcoming service fees for non-announced shipments or unnecessary service checks, if the failure reports can’t be confirmed. In our experience, the most issues can be managed quickly by correspondence without special effort from your side. If repair services are required outside the warranty, the approx. costs will be communicated before.

For opening and reading the attached PDF-documents you need the  Acrobat Reader: