News & Info
20. December: Merry christmas & a happy new year!
Successful training needs frequent recreation: One of many reasons only, to wish you calm and peaceful holidays, a pleasant time for your friends and families and the blessing to feel again what you was missing by daily work and trouble in the past time. Thank you very much for your kind interest and the engaged cooperation this year! Our offices will be closed between the holidays - but we're enjoyed to get new ideas and challenges in 2011 again! Best regards, your SensLab-team
17. to 20. November: Welcome to the MEDICA 2010
We hope to see you again this year at MEDICA in Düsseldorf to present you our latest product innovations. A visit at the stand of EKF-diagnostic GmbH in hall 3 / C94 is as always worthwhile!
31. August to 3. September: 2nd International Distributor Meeting in Dresden
The EKF Group invites to the 2nd International Distributer Meeting in Dresden (Germany). A comprehensive agenda with interesting lectures and practical demonstrations on the topics of glucose management (on wednesday, 1st September), lactate management (on thursday, 2nd September) and hematology (on friday, 3rd September) is waiting for you. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for discussions and exchange of experiences. For more information, visit the website of the  EKF-diagnostic GmbH. We are looking forward to your visit, the exchange of ideas and your interesting suggestions.
26. May: SensLab takes an animal sponsorship in the Zoo Leipzig
On the occasion of our 15th anniversary the SensLab GmbH and the colleagues of the software group EKF Diagnostic Stahmeln have taken an animal sponsorship in the Zoo Leipzig. By democratic vote it was decided to sponsor a Red Kangaroo, a beautiful, strong, dynamic and yet exotic being with practical accessories (a bag), which corresponds to our products and SensLabs philosophy.
23. May: We celebrate 15th anniversary
Now the SensLab GmbH is 15 years old. Company founder and managing director Dr. Bernd Gründig, together with its dedicated employees, led SensLab to an innovative medical technology company in the field of In-vitro diagnostics. An enterprise with meanwhile 18 employees has arisen, despite many obstacles, out of the one-man company in 1995. Since 2005 SensLab is part of the EKF-group, resulting in greater economic security, new research projects and product developments. In the past 15 years, a number of biosensors were developed and brought to commercialization, which are based solely on their own patents. The technological platform of SensLab enables the company access to the highly competitive market for in-vitro diagnostic medical devices with its sensor products. With our blood lactate measurement system Lactate Scout we succeeded the big breakthrough in 2003 and the currently developed glucose monitoring system GlucoLine will compete in the global market in future. At this point we would like to thank very much for the many years of good cooperation with all our partners, suppliers and of course our customers for your loyalty and feedback, which gave us in this way valuable information to improve our products and to initialize new product developements. Your SensLab team
11. March: Certification of our blood glucose measuring system "GlucoLine"
Our blood glucose measuring system "GlucoLine" now took the last hurdle on the way into the European market after intensive development. A variety of systematic internal tests and a comprehensive clinical study to evaluate its performance and handling were finished successfully. It received the Certificate of TÜV SÜD Product Service confirming compliance with the high quality requirements of European Directive 98/79/EC on In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices. The measurement system is introduced by EKF-Diagnostic GmbH as manufacturer and also a member of the EKF Group in the market this year.
1. March: New 2 mmol/l test solution available
Fulfilling latest dircectives for quality management in German labs and surgeries, the accuracy of Lactate SCOUT+ can be checked by its regular 10 mmol/l (high level) and also by an optional 5 mmol/l (norm level) test solution, both available in the economic "CombiPack 5/10", including 2x 5 bottles of 2.5 ml. For testing the accuracy at very low lactate levels, a new 2 mmol/l test solution will now be offered in a set of 5 bottles for the Lactate SCOUT+ as well. Please check the availability in the menu "Dealer & inquiry" on the left hand side and ask for prices.
6. January: New bibliography for veterinary medicine
Indicating metabolic disorder, oxygen debt and increased cardiovascular load, the diagnosis of lactate gets growing importance also in alternate medical applications. A first overview of scientific publications for Veterinarians is now available at EKF/SensLab on demand. There are promising results concerning the monitoring of cats and dogs, in equine sports and productive livestock (porks, sheep, calves and cattle). All these projects benefit significantly from Lactate Scout's unique features, e.g. its easy handling, quick results and PC connectivity.