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„24 doctors and physiotherapists were sharing our lactate workshop. The participants showed special interest in the accuracy of the Lactate SCOUT: Therefore we did run several comparison measurements, with impressing good results.“
Prof. Dr. Kuno Hottenrott,  Institut für Leistungsdiagnostik an der Universität Halle/Saale

I’m teaching lactate diagnostics in fitness studios and In-house. Additionally to the sports medical principles, in these seminaries we also present the required equipment, including different lactate analyzers and software products – but my favourite device is always the Lactate Scout: Its handling and consumable costs excel all competitors significantly.
Dr. M. Klingenberg,

"The Lactate Scout helps to realize quick and accurate lactate measurements during the training. So I can react immediately, controlling and improving the individual training of sportsmen. Compact sized, we can take the device with us to all training camps and competitions"
Jirka Letzin, National swimming coach Leipzig/ Germany

"In past times limited to professional sports only, sports diagnostic got now an essential part of the training also for amateurs: It delivers valuable information for the performance increase of top athletes, and it helps amateurs to find their individual heart rate for optimized cardio training"
Prof. Dr. Braumann, Marathon runner and medical director in sports institute Hamburg/ Germany

"I have finally gotten to testing, and overall I love the Lactate SCOUT. It’s so easy to analyze samples! I have used the Accutrend for 4 years and have tested myself repeatedly, but the Lactate SCOUT is my absolute favourite"
Chris Harnish, Exercise Physiologist & Coach (Peaks Coaching Group)

"The Lacate Scout is a good product. It performed extremely well. The ability to provide a result in 15 secs is a BIG feature over the Lactate Pro. It is quick, simple and easy to operate."
Mike Nunan, Australia

"The Scout is excellent for the endurance horses in competition"
Michael Baxter,  International Academy of Equine Sports

"Your Lactate Scout is the perfect solution"
Samantha Ashford, Koala Medical, Australia

"The comparison between results obtained with the portable instrument and the reference laboratory analyser indicate that the Lactate Scout would be suitable for canine blood analysis in the clinical environment. Readily available lactate measurements may also find useful applications in sports medicine for the evaluation of the lactate threshold and in emergency critical care, since lactate concentrations correlate with total oxygen debt, magnitude of hypoperfusion, and severity of shock. Therefore, the availability of a rapid and accurate lactate measurement may contribute to a more efficient management of critically ill patients. In conclusion, the results of this study suggest that the portable Lactate-Scout meter exhibits a good comparability with the Konelab system. The lack of correlation between lactate concentrations and haematocrit values suggests that the Lactate-Scout analyser might be reliably used in different clinical situations, including anaemic and polycytaemic patients."
Prof. Dr. Luca Ferasin, University of Minnesota