Lactate SCOUT - Features
  • Integrated Bluetooth interface
  • Single- and Step test measurements (Resting / Exercise / Recreation)
  • Memory for 250 readings incl. storage place, date, time and training level
  • Visualization / management software Lactate SCOUT Assistant
  • Timer functions (stop watch, free countdown setting, step test calculation)
  • Comfort & easy handling by patented scroll wheel-button
  • Temperature control / compensation by integrated sensor
  • Haematocrit compensation by innovative test strip design
  • Automatic switch on / switch off by inserting / removing test strip
  • Power save mode (batteries can be used for > 1.000 measurements)
*A wide range of software suppliers supports the direct data import of Lactate Scout+. For detailed information, please contact your dealer or visit the homepages of the named suppliers:

 Lactate Express, WinLactat, Para Analysis, ErgoLine OptiCare, Fitness Pro, LacQuiro, Ergonizer, Lactate Scout Reader (MacOS X), Laktat Manager