Lactate SCOUT - Tech Specs
Device type: Lactate Scout+
Manufacturer: SensLab GmbH, Bautzner Str. 67, D-04347 Leipzig (Germany)
Measurement: enzymatic-amperometric detection of lactate in capillary blood
Measurement range: 0.5 - 25.0 mmol/l
Sample volume: 0.2 l
Measurement duration: 15 sec / 10 sec (Lactate SCOUT / Lactate Scout+)
Precision: 3 %
(Standard deviation 0.2 mmol/L)
Temperature: min. +5 C, max. +45 C, automatic control and compensation
Humidity: up to 85% relative humidity
Memory: 250 readings incl. additional data (time, storage place etc.)
Size: 91 x 55 x 24 mm
Weight: 3 oz with batteries
Display: Big LC-display with symbols
Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA/LR03-batteries (> 1.000 measurements)
Interface: Bluetooth interface using Serial Port Profile (SPP)
Accessories: Lactate Scout+ test strips, Lactate SCOUT/Lactate Scout+ control solutions, USB-Bluetooth Dongle

  1. Just pick a test strip out of the vial & insert into the Lactate Scout+
  2. Clean by water, sanitize & dry the earlobe or fingertip carefully
  3. Prick the area for blood withdrawal (only a tiny droplet required)
  4. Hold the Lactate Scout+ with test strip onto the blood droplet
  5. Only 0.2 l of blood will be absorbed, the measurement occurs automatically
  6. After 15 sec / 10 sec measuring duration, the result is displayed and stored
  7. Manifold options for gradual tests & Software analysis on the PC
 Sampling notes