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27. November: The new Lactate Scout+ ist there
After intensive development we are able to present the new version of our Lactate Scout+ analyzer, which will be launched by our holding,   EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc, already this year. Initially developed to provide coaches and athletes with a precise and easy-to-use mobile lactate test, Lactate Scout's new feature - extended hematocrit compensation - now mean the device can be used both in performance diagnostics as well as in certain medical applications. The Lactate Scout+ instrument comprises a novel procedure for compensation of hematocrit (Hct) within ensures accurate lactate measurements outside the normal Hct levels (35 - 50% Hct). The new analyzer's Hct range is 20 - 70%, which means patients with either very low Hct levels (< 35%, e.g. after blood loss) or very high levels (> 50%, near the limit of professional athletes and neonates) can be accurately assessed.