News & Info
28. May: Welcome to ECSS in Oslo (24th June)
With many thousand, successfully established devices around the world we're also engaged in seminars: First workshops were realized in Imperia (IT) and Oslo (NOR), to be continued in Zagreb (CR) and other locations soon. You are also very welcome to meet us at the ECSS congres from 24th to 27th in Oslo!
24. April: Lactate SCOUT in clinical use
Well known as a marker also for hypoxia, lactate readings in hospitals are typically performed by complexe blood gas analyzers. This method does not always fit the practical needs, to fulfill quicker and easier with the Lactate SCOUT handeld analyzer. Latest studies in sepsis monitoring and fetal blood diagnostics in birth medicine demonstrate its accuracy and high usability for clinical point-of-care tests (papers available on demand).
1. January: We wish you a happy new year!
2008 was a very successful year for us - and we know very well what is related closely to this success: Valuable partners who incited us with their helpful comments and refreshing ideas. Therefore we like to thank you very much, and we wish you all the best for the new year! We go ahead into 2009 with many new product developments (new Lactate SCOUT+ with quicker readings of 10 sec, new USB data cable and new 10 and 5 mmol/l test solutions, updates of 3rd party analysis software), and we'll keep in contact to your demands continually.