Company - Mission & targets
As a technology-oriented company, SensLab uses original innovative solution approaches for easy handling, fast quantifying and self-communicative „Point of Care" (POC) measurement systems.

New approaches, especially from micro-system technology, bio-technological material research as well as from nano bio-technology and information technology, are used in order to further expand the core technologies of the company and to convert them into innovative products.

SensLab advises of, particularly parameters that facilitates, key information for diagnostic relevant disease patterns, in decentralized doctors' practice, emergency centres or in home care sectors.

Owing to it's high flexibility, technological efficiency and effective project management, SensLab is capable of developing new products (from the conception to readiness for production) with a promising future and using it's own resources or in cooperation with a strategic partner, establish them on the market, successfully and long-lasting.