Company - profile
SensLab GmbH was founded in 1995. It develops and produces chemical and encymatical sensors reusable as well as "disposables" that are used in bio-technology and in human diagnostic.

Under the leadership of the managing directors Dr. Olga Suckau and Dirk Schulz, a team of 20 highly qualified scientists work on the current product line, international R&D projects and innovative technologies.

The know-how is the result of a wide range of scientific cooperation networks and many years of experiences in bio-sensor research, bio-analytic as well as in protein and electro-chemistry. Important technological solutions are patented in Germany, Europe and in the USA.

SensLab has a production sector with semi-automatic facilities for production of sensors. Its research laboratories are well equipped and managed according high quality standards.

In 2005, the German company  EKF diagnostic got shareholder of SensLab. Both companies combine their strengths in the development of new products, to realize the best combination of wet chemistry analyzers, photometers and test strip devices for future market demands.