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Lactate SCOUT

pdf Lactate Scout+ User Manual
Lactate Scout+ Bluetooth Manual
Lactate Scout+ Sensors IFU
Lactate Scout+ Test Solution IFU
Sampling notes
Lactate Scout+ Product Sheet
Lactate Scout+ FAQ
Lactate Scout Presentation
Reference card EN ES FI FR IT NO RU SE
USB-CE-cable - Insert
USB-CE-cable - Installation notes for Windows 7
Lactate: Meaning, applications and measurement
Training guide "Training in your hand" EN DE ES PL RU


software Lactate Scout Assistant Software v1.0.7 (Demo)
Lactate Scout Assistant Software Instruction Manual
Lactate Scout Data Link Software v1.0.1
Lactate Scout Data Link Software Instructions Manual
Driver software for SensLab USB-CE-cable
Driver software for USB Bluetooth Adapter LM506

Developer Tools

develop Data protocol
Scout simulator
User guide simulator
General information to lactate diagnostics, application, test reports,
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